10 Things To Do Before 2018


I know 2018 is only several days away and these 10 things might seems a ridiculous idea, but I promise you, several days is enough for you step on the right foot on 1st January 2018.

We sure don’t wanna waste a single day on 2018 still figuring out what to do, what you want to be, what your passion is. When I believe we can start anything at anytime (doesn’t have to be new year), I also believe that when we’re doing it in the moment/event, we’ll most likely doing it. So why not now? When millions of people are preparing 2018 at the same time. This is the moment.

Okay, let’s start shall we?

1.Spring Cleaning

Start a new year with a fresh clean house/apartment/dorm room. Do a detail cleaning on each area of your house. You can do it once for all in 1 day, maybe you have a 1 bedroom apartment, then dedicate 1 day to just do spring cleaning you apartment. If you have a house and have so many areas, do 1 area a day. But make sure it’s not just a daily cleaning, you gotta go all the way, till the back of the corner of your cabinets. You can also do spring cleaning on your devices. Clean your email inbox, texts,contacts, apps, etc.

2. De-clutter & Donate

Collect every things you don’t use anymore or you don’t touch for the 6 months. Whether it’s your clothes, pans, pots, books, or even canned food that you don’t intend to eat anymore (coz it’s near expiry dates or you don’t like it). Put them in boxes and donate them. You can donate to your neighbors (if you know that they’re struggling financially or just having a baby or anything), to some charity foundation, to your family, or anybody in needs.

3. Accomplish 2017 goals/resolutions

I know it’s just few days before new year, but it’s not too late to accomplish at least 1 of your 2017 goal/resolution that you haven’t accomplish this year. Look at your list and find (at least) 1 and do it. JUST DO IT!. Maybe you wanted to be vegan, maybe want to go on your 1st camping, maybe you want to sing in front of people other than your mirror, maybe you want to start your own Etsy shop, do it. See for those few days how you feel. You might like it or you might not. This can totally change your perspective of your life in the next year. And frankly, checking off things out of your list is a great feeling.

4. Write down your obstacles

Sit down, get a paper and a pen, write down all of your obstacles, be honest with yourself, accept them, and find a way to tackle them. Instead of you denying and fighting it, embrace them so you can move forward. You know that you have to be more discipline on submitting your assignments, but you keep delaying, find out why, find a solution, so can be better on your assignments next year or this few days before new year (even better).

5. Re-evaluate

What have you accomplish in 2017? What you like? What you don’t like? Who you should be friends with (good influence friends)? Who you should be friends less (bad influence friends)? What’s your failure so you can do better? What’s your achievements? What can you change? What to go and what to stay? This self-evaluate mojo can really make you understand more about yourself so you can be a better person and you can love yourself more.

6. Write Down Gratitude

Of all what’s been happening with you in 2017, all the sadness, failures, disappointments, laughter, tears, and even things you don’t understand, list down ALL your gratitude. You might find it cheesy, but there’s good in everything. You might find it hard to be grateful in your condition right now, but start writing, after some times you will find it easier to write your list coz the more you focus on the things that are good, the more goods you will find in your life. Once it’s complete, look at your list and see how lucky you are. Your heart will bloom with gratitude and your mind can really open up to get you more prepare in 2018. Coz you know, no matter what 2018 might brings, you will be blessed. You will be braver and stronger.

7. Write A Letter To Your Future Self

Awkward. Yes, I think so too. But it’ll be fun to know who you are when you’re a year younger and you will be surprise to know what is your future self turn into. Start with talking about yourself at this present time, who you are, what you’re doing, what you like and don’t like, who you like, what’s your hobby, what’s your fear, etc. Just like talking to a friend. I can talk hours to my friends, so why not spend time talking to myself? Okay, that sounds weird @.@ Then continues with what you expect your future self to be. Maybe you want to stop smoking, want to start a new business, want to get married, want to have children, etc. Give advice to your future self. What to do and not do. Then seal the letter in an envelope and don’t open it till next year or 5 years or 10 years and so on. You can do it digitally and schedule it for you.

8. Get Organize

Get yourself more organize. Set a routine. You can download and print my cleaning routine here Go get yourself a planner. Set your alarm at 5am everyday. Start organizing your life so you can map out your life in an order. You will find yourself at peace and less anxious when you know exactly what you’re doing. But you’ll be a mess when you don’t even know what to do when you get up in the morning (or noon). What’s your purpose? How are you gonna get there when you don’t even plan out your steps? Make home for everything in your house/apartment, so you don’t spend time looking for things. 2018 sure will be a hack of a year when you already organized it and set yourself in a proper mind.

9. Clean Up Financial Messes

It is time to clean up your financial messes. 2018 should be a better year financially. Find out your biggest failure in not keeping your money in your wallet. Is it clothes, books, eating out, movies, etc. Get your budget planner start right now. It is hard to stick on a budget for first trimester, but if you start planning your budget now, 1st January you already set and even if you fail in the 1-3 months, you still have 9 months to fix them and start achieving your financial goals.

10. Set Your 2018 Goals/Resolutions

Write down everything that you want to achieve on 2018. Make it on categories such as personal, family, finance, career/business, etc. Writing it down will set your mind and you will have more will power to achieve those goals. You can even start cheating your start right now 😀

Those are my 10 tips on what to do before 2018. Thank you for stopping by. Leave a like and share if you find it inspiring and give you the motivation to finish this end in the proper satisfying way.

Please leave a comment below on what you’d like to do before 2018. Let’s grow together!


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