25 New Year Resolutions For 2018


2018 is around the corner. Are you ready? Have you make your preparation? Maybe this 10 Things To Do Before 2018 could give you some ideas on how you’re gonna start your new year in the right pace.

Writing 2018 resolutions is one of your preparation. I have 25 ideas that maybe you can relate to and you can put it in your list too. Let’s get started.

1.Eat healthier

Honestly, this is one of the hardest thing in my resolution list year after year. I can’t resist burgers, fried chicken, steak, oooooooh they’re so yummy. I like to eat veggies and fruits but I still can’t have them as my daily diet. You know they’ll do good for your health, so you should totally in for this.

2. Dress Up

Have you lacking on your skin care or hair care coz you’re (think) too busy? A little make up will make no harm. Spray some perfume everyday even if you’re just spending your time at home. A nicer dress or nicer blouse will boost your confidence. It’s not a matter of you’re working in an office or a stay at home mom, to dress up everyday will make you feel more proper. And it’ll make you feel good about yourself.

3. Workout

Find an exercise that suits you. Whether its a 15 minutes walk around the block, yoga, pilates, or find some exercise videos on YouTube and do it at home. You have to actively move your body and workout on that muscle. I’m not talking about body building. When you workout, you pump your blood, train your muscle, strengthen your bone, and I promise you will be more confident and feel good about your body.

4. 1 act of kindness to random strangers everyday

Maybe you yourself struggling with your own issues and you think you can’t do something to help yourself, let alone helping others. Well, you don’t have to do big. A simple help to an old lady crossing the street, give a meal to a homeless, etc. The world needs kind people. To give back to others mean you are sending good vibes around yourself.

5. Self care

Make time to do something for yourself each day. I wake up an hour early before I get the boys up, I like to be alone in the morning. Then after I send the boys to school, I make my coffee and bible journaling. It’s my me time. It’s my way to prep myself before I tackle the day. Block an hour or maybe 30 minutes just for you. Maybe you can meditate or read a book. It’s important to replenish yourself, to fulfill your needs.

6. New Skill

Make your new year more exciting by finding a new skill. Maybe you can take a photography class, calligraphy class, baking class. Anything you’re interested on and can elevate your value. Or you don’t have the budget to pay for classes? YouTube is a free class. You can find anything on YouTube. There’s no stopping you.

7. Wake up early

Some people may say “I’m not an early riser”, well… anybody can be an early riser. You just have to find your motives. Your why. By waking up early, you can set a time for yourself, then work/school, then rest. You don’t have to be rushed coz you’re running out of time to school or work. You don’t have to put your make up in the car coz you don’t have enough time. Set your alarm and don’t hit the snooze button.

8. Set a routine

Routine will make your life automatic. You don’t have to think about what to do next coz it’s your routine. Start from your morning routine. Do a simple one. In the beginning, you need to write it down in details. For example:

  • Get up at 5am
  • Make up bed
  • 5 minutes meditation/pray
  • Make coffee
  • Read 5 pages of book
  • Plan your day
  • Take shower
  • Have breakfast
  • Go to school/work

That’s it. Start from there. Then make your night routine. Do every single step and in weeks it’ll become your routine, a habit. You will be able to schedule your day in a more easy way.

9. Set up goals

Make your goals quarterly. What’s your goals for Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec. By dividing your goals, you’re most likely to achieve them rather than just listing your goals and get overwhelmed not knowing what to achieve first. And deadline will set your mind in a right track.

10. Building good habits

It’s a no brainer that good habit is good. We need good in our life right? So, what good habit you want to do in 2018?

11. Break bad habits

Yeah. In order to build your good habits, you need t break bad habits. Smoking, drinking, procrastination, bad mouth, always late, etc. Put a stop to it so you can be more focus in building your good habits.

12. Volunteer

Ask around. Look around. Google it. Find an organization or a foundation that you can be useful. Maybe your church needs a transportation to an orphans, or your neighborhood needs people to help clean an area, or it can be anything.

13. Listen to audiobook

I am so grateful that now we can listen to books. I can listen to it while I’m driving or waiting for my kids at school, literally anytime anywhere. Listen to motivational books, the one that can lift up your spirit, fire up your passion, strengthen your faith.

14. Planning

It is one important thing in your journey to success in life. You need to know your steps in your life. Get a planner and plan your life every day. You can plan your day 1st thing in the morning or at night before you go to sleep. I’m a visual person. If I don’t see it, it’ll slip my mind. That’s why I make a planner shop so I can share my passion in planning. You can stop by and leave me a comment http://www.dlthewellplanner.com

15. Invest in yourself

Set aside a budget to invest on yourself. Maybe to buy a new lens for your camera so you can make higher quality pictures for your blog or you can do it professionally. Maybe taking a course so you can get bigger clients for your Virtual Assistant job. Maybe buying a software to produce higher quality video for your YouTube channel.

16. Date yourself

It is important to love yourself before you love others. Set a date with yourself maybe once a month or two. Go to the mall by yourself. Sit alone eating dinner in your favorite restaurant. Go see a movie just with yourself. Spending alone time with yourself can make you see clearly about yourself.

17. Learn new skill

Time is not gonna slow down on you. Technology and demands are rapidly moving forward. You gotta step up your game. Learn new skills. Move forward together with other people. Don’t get behind. You can take courses or even learn new things from YouTube for free. Be more creative.

18. More honest

Honesty is not going to get old. The world is getting harder to live on. We need more honest people. Yes sometimes being honest could bring you nowhere. But please remember that wealth and success is not the most important thing in your life. Your relationship with God can only be improved with your honesty.

19. Financial peace

Ever think about where all your money gone after years of working nonstop? No matter how hard you work, how high your salary is, if you don’t start taking control over your finance, you will get old with no retirement money at all. You can end up homeless. You don’t want that for sure. So start budgeting now. It is hard to stick to the budget, but nothing comes easy.

20. Invest

Make sure that you set aside and budget some money to invest for a long run. Keep investing so the money will start working for you. I promise, if you start now (start small until you can budget more), your future self will thank you.

21. Try something you always wanted

Some say, don’t die not knowing. So, if you want to try something you’ve always wanted, so go and try. You want to make a blog? Go blogging. You want to start an online shop? Go selling. What’s the worst could’ve happen? As long as it doesn’t cost your life, I say it’s a go.

22. Dance more

I love music. And I love dancing. Music and dance can lift up your mood to a highest level. That’s why some people love to play music while doing their tasks.

23. Make new friends

Go to new places, join new clubs, talk to new people, make new friends. I’m not saying to get rid of your present friends, but meeting and talking to new people can broaden your knowledge and open new opportunities, and who knows you’ll find a best friend for life.

24. Listen more

I’m a talkative person. I like to talk. I love to share. But sometimes, being silent and listen can change your perspective and understand more.

25. Journaling

Write a journal every night before bed. Write down your blessing, what you do today, what makes you sad/happy today, write your gratitude. Do it every night and when end of year come, you can read it all from the beginning and you can see your progress and you can see clearly on what you want to do or want to be and build your next year resolutions.

Those are my 25 ideas, hoping that it can inspire you to start your resolutions on 2018. Thank you for stopping by, leave a like and share if you find it inspiring.

What resolution is going on your list? Leave a comment below so we can all inspire each other.


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