Being strong! 

A glass of ice cappucino in this hot weather somewhere not home, emptied in just seconds 😬 

I don’t usually leave home without any purpose. I’d rather stay at home, do all of my to do list and check it one by one out of my list, do things that are not for myself. 

But at some point… When you can’t bear to be at home, not able to do anything right, your mind goes out of places, your heart shattered, it’s good to go for a while and clear your head. Instead of staying and making all worst, eating me inside, giving me wild ideas, and be the person that I hate so much. I choose to redraw myself out, find an outlet to ease the pain, straighten my mind, put on my cape, and go back home ready to tackle yet another day. 

Being strong doesn’t always mean to be in the battle all the time. Being strong is also about letting it go, surrender to God, let God do the rest. God counts every tears you shed and will turned it around for your happiness. 

I pray for you and I, all the broken hearted… That we’re all strong enough to stay grateful and surrender, that we’re​ doing what we’re doing only to honor God and for God only, we will keep our peace and brightens all the darkness​ around us.

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Dessy Lestari

I started this blog in 2016 hoping to share my passion to inspire and motivate others.

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