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Today I have a busy Saturday 😄

And I want you to join me 😘

10.20 the kids start to strip off the bed sheets and I do the day bed. I put them straight in the washing machine.

Then me and Abe flip the bed, sprinkle some baking soda, let them sit for 10-20 minutes.

That is my last pack of baking soda 😔 Gotta buy more. I only find that brand from online shop, hopefully the price is steady 🙏 I bought 3 packs and last me about 6 months. I didn’t do much vacuuming at the rental house. Let’s see how long it last me in the new house, since I have my cleaning all scheduled.

Then, Abe help me with vacuuming the pillows and bolsters.

And I saw the sofa. Well… The vacuum is out, why don’t I vacuum the sofa? You’ll be amazed by what you find when you decided to vacuum the sofa.

I’ve been looking for that scissor for days 😪 Again, Abe help me 😘

Now, it’s Al’s turn to help me 😁

After I vacuum, the boys put on their bed sheets. They take a rest while I continue working on my own bed. Same routine. Abe help me flip my bed. And btw… Our beds are all pretty heavy 😌 Today we do 4 beds 😬

I finished doing beds about 12.30pm. Now I move to the next task, clothes time tab. This task includes cleaning out the closets, declutter, and organizing.

1st, let me enlighten you about my clothes time tab idea. So, it’s basically keeping half of your clothing in the storage and half in the closet. You’re gonna switch them every 3 months. The idea is that you don’t make your closet jam packed by all your clothes when you only wears the clothes that are within your reach. The rest of them? Crumpled and dusty 😪

Ok, as usual, I do the kids 1st.

I take out all of their clothes and they clean the closet.

These are their clothes for 3 months.

I sorted them. Which to keep, which to donate. After I sorted them all. I took the luggages.

Then I organize them all in the closet. They have a set of ‘new’ clothes for the next 3 months 😁 The Best part of it is that when they see the shirt or a pant of their fav, their eyes sparkled “Hey mom, I missed this shirt!” 😁

And a pile of clothes to donate.

The kid’s are done! Now, my turn 😌

I started the whole process again. I took out all of my clothes, clean the top, the wall, the rod, and the floor.

Scattered all over my bedroom 😬

I also have a whole ‘new’ set of clothes 😁

I have piles of tops but only have 3 pairs of jeans, some leggings and those dresses. So, I only time tab my tops. I put back the dress, jeans and leggings.

I vacuumed all of the clothes and put them inside the luggages. Vacuum bags are very helpful. They save space. I can put 2-4 bags in 1 luggage.

Then finally all the cleaning and decluttering part has finished. Now the organizing part.

Everything is the same as my WALKING CLOSET TOUR except for the bags that are used to be hanged next to the pants. Since my house is so humid, the bags are all covered with fungus 😭 The leather are getting bad. I already thrown 2 bags coz the leather are cracked 😭 I’m not gonna lose the others. So, I put them all back in their dust bags and put them on the top shelf. And I hang my tank tops at the bottom rod for easy access since this set of clothing are mostly summer collection.

I have these bags for donations.

I finished all at about 4pm 😌

Gosh… I’m so exhausted but happy that I got it all covered 😁

How about you? I hope this will motivate and inspire you to clean, declutter, and organize your home.

Living in a simple and minimal home is such a great lifestyle. You don’t have to clean more and your house won’t get cluttered easily, coz you don’t have so many things to clean and organize.

I’ll see you again in the next post.

Love y’all 😘💕

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