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Today I’m reviewing Deluxe Banarolla. An Indonesian snack based on banana. It’s a hits nowadays and everybody is talking about it.

I want to talk about it too. Now shall we?

I bought it from a friend at my boy’s school. Before I bought it from her, I checked the price online and it’s about IDR 5k different. I thought I’ll buy from her, supporting her business.

It’s a refill pack of 250gr in a price of IDR 45k ($3.32). It contains of 12 individual packs and I asked for all 4 flavors. Choconut, Double Choco, Green Tea Almond, and Choco Milky Oreo.

When you open the pack, you’ll find a greeting card and I find it cute. Makes it more personal and it’s a great marketing approach.

Let’s review one by one.

It’s the green tea almond. I like green tea and I like chocolate, so I like it. The green tea taste isn’t as strong as I’d like coz it’s more of a white chocolate with green tea flavor.

This is Choconut and the chocolate is yummy. It’s not too sweet and the bitterness of chocolate is there but not overpowering. I like it.

This is Choco Milky Oreo. If you like Oreo then you’re gonna love it. But I don’t think this is the vanilla Oreo coz the flavor is quite different. I only have vanilla Oreo coz I don’t like other flavors. It’s too sweet for me.

The last is Double Choco. It’s the same chocolate but with chocolate chips. You can only find about 3-4 chocolate chips there, so I don’t find it have any different in flavor.

What about the inside?

Well… the inside is all the same. It’s a dried banana rolls like in ladies fingers, covered with different toppings of chocolates.

Do I like them? Yes, I do.

Will I buy them again? No, I don’t think so. Well maybe, on occasions.

Why not?

1. It’s quite pricy. IDR 45k for 12pcs means IDR4k/pc ($0.29).

2. It’s a sweet treats and I don’t encourage my family having too much sweet treats.

3. There’s really nothing special and difficult in this snack. I can recreate this even though not from scratch. I can buy the banana rolls and dip them in my homemade chocolate fondue. It’ll be a lot cheaper and I can have a lot more with the same money.

But, it’s a great gifts if you want to send them on Valentines or Mother’s Day or Birthdays. The packaging is nice and representatives. You can buy the individual pack in a tin if you want.

You can visit their Instagram @banarolla and their website

This review is my own personal opinion and doesn’t have to be other’s. Have you tried this? What flavor do you like? Share with us and comment below 😊

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