DITL 11/12/17 – Mati Lampu!

9.25 😨

Good morning!

9.43 finish uploading pictures to my online shop. Instagram is getting better. I can upload more than before. Biasanya cuma bisa 2-3 pic, kadang malah gak bisa sama sekali. Do you have the same problem with me?

I should be up soon. Mom is already in her anxiety stage. I can hear her voice is getting louder. Poor mom. I was like her, I inherited her OCD, fruit don’t fall far from its tree 😓 I’ll talk about my OCD in another post.

10.09 and I’m still on the bed. Hubby juga masih di sebelah nih 😂 Let’s start the day!

11.01 I’ve had my peanut butter toast and now having my coffee while hubby is spending ‘home time’

Biasanya pagi2 udah pergi ke rumah baru, mandorin tukang. Sekarang tukang udah selesai. So, santai dikit. Bisa bangun siang 😀 Ignore those messy fiber, kids are always playing with those. Peeling it piece by piece to play with the kid next door.

Even Arlo is having a lazy day 😄

11.49 Belinda’s bath time

And the fiber mess is the dog’s ‘fault’ 😌

12.18 just finished cleaning up 1st floor. It’s pouring hard outside. Lighting on the mosquitoes repellent. Can’t live without it.

I have them on about 2-3 times a day. I hate mosquitoes 😤

12.20 Arlo’s  time to take a bath.

12.53 boys are having lunch while watching Cars on Disney

1.43 boys are having their nap. I’m having my lunch.

Mom makes Soto Daging 😋

You might have a different nap time rules for your children. Some of you might skip nap time on your kid’s holidays. Not me. Coz on school days, they don’t have time to nap. They’ll be busy with school, tutors, extracurriculars and reach home way pass they’re nap time. So, holidays are like their nap redeemer 😊 Napping, for me, is important for children.

2.29 hubby is being soooooo romantic today

Aaaaaaaw 😍 So sweet 😘

3.51 just finished my shower and waiting for my last load of laundry to finish. I’ve had 4 loads of laundry. I didn’t do my Saturday’s weekly laundry, which is the bed sheets. So today I have 2 loads of bed sheets + 1 load of clothes + 1 load of towels which is on Sunday’s weekly laundry schedule. Yup, 4 loads. My Modena is tired 😁

4.22 hubby is vacuuming the car

Boys are playing

While I’m straightening my legs on the boy’s bed 😅

5.55 hubby just finish with the car. Boys are showering upstairs. Me? Kalo kata orang Jawa, nyowo ne durung jangkep 😂 Baru bangun tidur and I have a swollen arm 😌

6.20 dinner and the boys are watching Cartoon Network while eating

7.03 having my Indomie treat and watching one of my favorite TV show The Voice on Star World 😀

9.42 boys are in bed. It’s time for my computer works, having my tea and listening to jango

2.17 I was still in my computer and the electricity is off. I was finishing off, ready to sleep, now I can’t sleep 😫

2.32 I’m gonna try to sleep. Luckily, the weather is cold enough, so we don’t have to turn on the AC. I’m just worried about the mosquitoes 🙄

See you later…

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