DITL 12/12/16 – High School (No Longer) Girls

1.20 baru bisa online. Mati lampu dari jam 2 pagi, gak bisa tidur enak, gak bisa recharge hape. Sekarang lagi dirumah teman SMA. Kumpul2 sambil numpang recharge 😁

Makan bakso 😋

Emak2 ngerumpi ngobrol ngalor ngidul mpe mulut berbusa, anak2 pada gadget time. Emang beda ya dulu and sekarang 🤔

3.27 reach home. Waiting for friends to stop by and have more gathering 😄 Tadi kurang ngobrol nya 😂

Ignore the blur picture 😀

6.48 friends just went home. Boys are having their shower. It’s dinner time. They’re having yesterday’s leftover Soto Daging

8.11 boys are in bed. Mom brought home some fabric for our uniform on one of my cousin’s wedding on February.

We got a lot of weddings in our family 😁

10.01 going to have my shower and straight to bed. I’m just not myself today. Lack of sleep 😥 Bathroom need some attention but I just couldn’t find an extra energy after all the chores and now I just don’t have any energy to do anything at all. Need my sleep 😴

Gonna end here. Thank you for joining me today. If you haven’t follow, make sure you hit the ‘Follow’button 😍

Good night. See you tomorrow 😘

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