DITL 14/12/16 – Missed my phone for a few hours 😥

Selamat pagi…

9.04 washed my face and brushed my teeth. Going to send mom to the shop.

11.37 I didn’t do anything much. Just so not in the mood of doing anything 😥

2.39 I managed to sweep and mop both floors. Had my speed shower 😂 Now we’re ready to roll. Take Abe for tutor.

But 1st…

I ran out of my red Panadol. But this 1 will do for now 😓

Sent Abe for tutor and now having my cute lil boy with me 😘

Poor him. He could’ve nap longer if I still have maid at home. Now he just have to come along wherever I go 😀

4.30 finally have 1 furniture on its designated place. I got it cleaned and ready to put the kid’s clothes inside

But I have no time. Gotta pickup Abe and go home. Do my 4 days of laundry 😌

11.05 I left my phone at the new house 🙄 Hubby is having dinner

Btw, I still haven’t touch the pile in the laundry room 😣

2.16 computer off. Bed time.

Thank you for coming along with me today. See you when I wake up 😍

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