DITL 17/12/16 – Hectic

Good morning…

8.46 I was awake since 6.30. Trying to go back to sleep, but I think I have too many things going on in my lil brain.

So, I got up, took my phone, my home management binder, and start Joel Osteen YouTube channel. It’s been days since my last daily devotion.

Now I’m yawning and trying to get my eyes open, coz it’s too late to go back to sleep. I have so many things to do today. I dragged myself to have shower then I have to go to Advan Service Center in Bogor coz Al’s touch screen is not working. Luckily I still have it guaranteed. Thank God. Coz I barely can afford anything right now 😌

11.25 just came back from Advan Service Center in Bogor. I went by my MIO. It’s way faster than driving a car, and I save gas 😉. It’s been a long time since my last long ride. 1.5 hours 2 way. Berasa banget di pinggang and bokong 😂

11.41 it’s very dark outside and the wind is scary. Thank God I reach home before it pours.

Enjoying moments 😍

I’m so sorry…

I was so caught up cleaning the new house. With the kids there, it was pretty hectic. But I snap some pictures…

Dang it! I only snapped 1 picture 🙄 We kinda brought the toys to the new house, so the boys won’t get bored while waiting for me to do all the cleaning.

When I got home, I was very very very very tired, that I didn’t even touch my phone 😌

I went straight to bed.

I’ll see you on the next DITL. Hopefully I can blog more.

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