DITL 25 February 2017 – WordPress keep losing it


Welcome back! Thank you for coming back and share the moments with me. I really appreciate it 💕

And if you’re new, welcome! I share a bit of everything, hoping to motivate and inspire you in anyhow. I’d love for you to join my blog family 😄
I end up posting DITL coz I lost (again) my drafts. I now realize that if I uninstall WordPress app on my phone, local drafts will be gone. Deleted. It happened 3 times already, so it must be it. I lost my WITL… I’m sorry 😑 My phone is just not up to the challenge of having a lot of apps coz the memory sucks 😫 Everytime I need to update some apps, I have to uninstall then reinstall again 😧 My phone is Lenovo A7000. So far so good. I have it for 3 years now. The only problem I have with this is the memory 😑 Buying iPhone with huge memory is in my bucket list 😄

Okay… Enough with the nagging and let’s start the day 🤓

8.50 gotta send Abe to tutor. It’s extra class since they’re having midterm by next week.

10.16 AL is asking me to make sandwich toast even after he finished a portion of instant fried noodle and a slice of whole wheat bread. He’s in good appetite and I’m more than happy to accommodate him 😄

11.29 Abe is home and to my surprise, he’s cleaning the dog’s crate. He said, the puppies need to have a clean home. Well… He’s grown up… My boy 💕

12.47 I asked the boys to stop playing with the puppies and start working. Today it’s time to change the bed sheets, flip and vacuum the mattresses. We have 4 mattresses, so it’s quite overwhelming and we spend a quite chunk of time doing it. I sprinkle baking soda to the mattresses, leave it for 5 minutes and start vacuuming.

My house is very humid. Fungus can easily pop up here and there. I need to buy more dehumidifier. Can you give me information of making DIY dehumidifier? I want to safe money from buying dehumidifier coz it’s quite pricey and I need a lot to put in my house. The things I love about my house are the ‘non heat’ environment, away from the busy street, I rarely need to use air conditioner in my room, the water is clear and cold, but yet I need extra efforts to keep my house dehumidifies. Well… You can’t have it all right? There will be some things you need to sacrifice work on. That’s life. Perfection is God’s prerogative.

3.30 the puppies are emptying they’re mom’s bowl of food. So cute 😁

And the boys are playing kite with the children in the neighborhood.

It is ‘kite season’ 😁

Planning to end the day early but it’s hard to accomplish. Esna came by the house to talk about our food stand at the kid’s school when I was about to start my chores. So, I get to do my chores after she left and send the kids to bed.

I sweep and mop the floor, clean the kitchen and finished about 12 something. Had my shower and laying on the bed reading Fifty Shades Darker. It’s my second time reading it. I’ve finished reading all the books 2 years ago I guess, when Fifty Shades Of Grey was on the movie. Now, the second is on the theater (not in Indonesia though) I feel like reading it again. And it’s distracting hahahaha.

I’m used to having Kim or Jen or Marnie accompanying me while I’m doing all my busy days. They motivate and inspire me as a SAHM so I get to get by my days less complaining, if I should put it in words. Now, I have the sexy handsome rich guy with kinky f***ery dreamy sex in a fifty shades of f***edupness with me. Sweeping and mopping surely are not one of the scene here hahahaha. It takes all my strength to keep up with my brain which is now running here and there between imagination and reality 😂😂😂. But Mr. Grey is surely irresistible 💕

Okay… It’s late and I’m exhausted from doing my chores and spending times with Grey 😂. Better get my sleep now, I have tons to do tomorrow.

Thank you for spending a day with me. I hope you love it and come back for more days or weeks with me. Don’t forget to hit the ‘follow’ button if you haven’t. See you all soon.

Love y’all 💕💕💕

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