DITL 9/12/17 – Cholesterol Kicked Off


Welcome back!  😘

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I’ve been wanting to make day in the life blog, that I can share my daily life with you all. I’m gonna start now. You gotta start somehow right? 😅

The boys are having holiday. A looooooooong holiday. So, I start my day a bit later. I got up at 8.30 this morning. Abe was making b’fast, rice and chicken wings. Hubby prepare his lunch to be taken to the new house. Yes, we still have people working on our house, been 6 months and I’m tired. Physically, mentally and financially 😥. But it’s almost ready… I’m so excited! Woohoo!!!

Al is having his b’fast while watching The Sorcerers’ Apprentice on Disney. This is my b’fast. Coffee and roti sisir.

The boys made their bed. I’m not aiming on perfection but I’m building a habit. To make up their bed everyday.

Oh yeah… Let me show you my tomatoes.

I grow my own tomatoes! 😆

11.22 just finished dusting, sweeping and mopping the floor, both floors 😧. Now preparing my boy’s lunch. Then I’ll get my shower ( I don’t get shower before I finish up home chores, with all the sweat and all, it’s pretty useless to have shower then getting all sweaty again) and getting on to my laundry.

If you want to lose weight and working on your muscles, stop paying maid and clean the house by yourself. You won’t have smooth hands and pretty nails, but you do save money and having your muscles build altogether. Let’s just entertain ourselves 😂

Boy’s lunch. Rawon 😋 Mom cook. Thanks mommy 😘

Abe prefer the soup in another bowl. Al prefer banjir2 😂

12.40 the boys are having their nap. The thing with older boys is that it’s harder to ask them take a nap. Sometimes they do sleep, sometimes they don’t. But as long as they have 2-3 hours resting their eyes from TV and games, I’m happy.

Before nap, they wash their own dishes, brush their teeth, wash face and everything. I was going to do laundry, but I’m gonna postpone that for later, coz I have some computer works to do.

Aaaaaaaand I usually end up with this kind of mess when doing my work 🙄 I need a bigger desk 🤔 Actually I need an office 😁

It’s 1.41. Still have some computer work to do, but gotta wrap up for now, getting ready to send Abe for tutor.

2.11 enter the boy’s room and they were actually sleeping. I’m overjoyed 😍

Udah dibangunin cepet2, eeeeeh Ms nya SMS kalo Les nya diundur jadi 3.30. Yah Ms, SMS nya telat, tau gitu kan gak dibangunin tadi, bisa tidur lebih lama 😥

4.32 and I’m at the new house, working on the floor of my boy’s room.

On the floor means I’m really getting on the floor. Scrubbing with my hands. New floor can be very gross with all the sticking flooring residue and all the dirt. But let me show you this…

I only use water and vinegar. Spray it on the floor. Leave it for a minute. Then scrub with a damp old rag. Look at the difference. Awesome! 😍

He found a new board 😪 Kids and walls seems to have a great connection 😌


New toy 😁

7.21 dinner at sop kambing (my lunch 😬). I’ve been eating at this particular sop kambing since 11 years ago at Kelapa Gading. When I moved here, I found their other brother. They’re the authentic Sop Kaki Kambing Tiga Saudara. I eat here almost every Friday 😋 My palate is happy 😁

Sampe lupa mau foto, alhasil udah pada abis hahahaha

8.50 home sweet home… Langsung tenggak Simvastatin, kepala mulai tengleng 😨 Maklum faktor U udah gak bersahabat sama kolesterol 😰

9.36 the boys are sent to bed by their Papa. I was hopelessly laying down at the sofa. The Kambing kicked me hard this time 😵 Gotta take shower and do my computer works. The night is young 🤓

My mom got oleh2 from her friend came back to Indonesia after years living in Greece. Olive oil and soap version of olive oil. I loooooove the olive oil, been using it for years. You get it very cheap in Greece but not in Indonesia. My mom brought about 15L when she came back 3 years ago. Now I’m all out of olive oil 😭 So I’m gonna try this when I have my shower. I’ll tell you how it is.

10.16 just finished my shower and I forgot to take the olive soap with me 😧 I’ll tell you tomorrow then 😀 Gonna make coffee and start my computer works 💻

10.51 and not much work has done. The connection is sooooooo bad 😤

1.21 just turned off my computer. Need to get my sleep 😴

See you tomorrow 😘

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