Family Gathering 26 March 2017


Welcome back! Join me in my family gathering. Hit the ‘follow’ button if you haven’t, I’d love to have you join my blog family 😘 

My uncle and aunt came to visit from Malaysia. They wanted to meet all of the family together. It’s been years that they have met. 

So we arrange a family lunch in my house since my house is nearby most of the families. 

Let me take you join all the fun! 😄


My kitchen was a total mess 😂

We have steamboat.

Tom Yam. Prawns, squids, chicken.

Semur jengkol. My aunt Engkim Etty cooked for us. 

Pork Satay. 

Bai Kut Teh.

Refreshment corner. I don’t have any decor yet. But this should do for now 😁

Table #1 – Bai Kut Teh, rice, Fried Rice, Pork Satay, Peyek Kacang, Fried Noodle. 

Table #2 – Tom Yam, Fried Chicken, Semur Jengkol, Steamboat.

Table #3 – fruit salad, Salak, sunflower Seeds. 

We have all the fun with all of these fun families 😁

We had a blast. We had a great family gathering. We had great food. And we have you join our family… I’m​ so blessed. 

I’ll see you again on our next gathering 😄

Love y’all 😘

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