Yeah… A headache!

I’m a loyal fans of FB since 2009. I build up my online business on FB since 2009. Love love love FB! When my friends and family started to Tweet or Instagram or Path or else, I stick to FB. The only social media I have on my phone is FB.

Now, I keep getting problems, such as:

  1. Can’t upload photos to my personal account by phone. I use Android. Still not resolved since till I post it, I still can’t upload a photo.
  2. My FB Ad Account had been disabled with no explanation of what I did wrong. And I lost my deposit. FB uses a wallet system for advertising. You put some amount in your ad account and every time you ad, it will subtract your deposit.
  3. Yesterday evening I was uploading photos to my online shop page KAWAIIBE SHOP and some photos can’t be uploaded due to something (I don’t know what). So, I just continue my upload with some photos missing on my posts.
  4. Today (few minutes ago) I was uploading and another problem came. I can’t upload any photos to my page. OMG!

Any of you have or had the same problem as mine? I found some (many) FB users complains, especially regarding their business on FB. Are we not allowed to do business on FB? We entrepreneurs who are starting a small decent business just wanting to grow. We trusted FB as the largest social media and so we trusted FB for our business. But its a disappointment 😦

Please comment and share your experience with FB regarding my headache @.@ Your sharing, anything, will help me a lot.

With love!

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