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Today is Saturday and it’s a new month, so I will be sharing my February Finance Stats. I will tell you what each categories are and why the stats are what they are.

If you’re new, I’m a mom of 2 boys (12 & 9), living in one income with minimum salary because I’m working from home as a Virtual Assistant.

We were not wise with money, hubs and I. We use credit cards, eating out too much, going to the mall almost every day with lame excuses, and many stupid money decisions.

Now hubs business is taking a downfall and we’re in the gutter. I have to step up and provide the family. I’ve been a frugal girl in my young age and I care less about high class lifestyle. It all was fading away as I got married and had children. I guess it’s true that you are what your tribe is. But now I have to stand up and try winning this challenge so I’m back in frugal lifestyle and start budgeting again.

I just started using Money Manager app on my phone and it’s amazing. It’s unlike any other budgeting apps. Money Manager free version is like a pro version and I don’t think I need to upgrade anytime soon. This app deserve a post on its own. Let me know in the comment section below if it interest you on me taking a deep details on it.

Now I’ll show you my Feb stats…


My categories are :

  • Health is for any medicines and health treatment. We do have medical coverage however a few pharmaceuticals and medications are not secured so we do need to pay.
  • Education is for school tuition, tutor, school supplies and everything related to school.
  • Debt payment is obviously to pay my debts.
  • Household is for toiletries, electricity, cooking gas, etc.
  • Food is for our food supply. Fresh produce, meats, fruits, etc.
  • Fun is my least favorite 😥 It’s for anything outside of other categories that can probably more want than need, such as hubby’s cigarette, take out, etc. I have each category for each person in the family. So I know whose been lavishly spending money 😑
  • Transportation is for fuel and any other related to transportation such bus or train or Uber.
  • Savings is any amount of money I save each month including my 52 weeks saving challenge.
  • Give is for church or any other random donation I give.
  • Beauty is in the bottom list. I try to stretch my beauty product as long as possible. Being pretty is expensive 😁

I do get baffled on the Fun category that is as large as Food category where I can utilize that cash all tossed into things that are more essential.

But the biggest chunk of Fun was buying tickets to an amusement park on Chinese New year. The boys was having fun, so I try to let it go. Having fun once in a while is allowed and the money I’m earning is supposed to bring joy to my kids, wisely.

What apps are you using to keep track of your budgeting and what do you like about it? Leave a comment below.

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