Flip Flop

This is the situation of the boy’s cupboard. At the top shelf is Abe’s, the bottom is Al’s.

This is the boy’s desk. The left side is Al’s, the right side is Abe’s.

The boys put away their own clothes and organize their own books. Look at the difference 🤔

Abe is more organized. Al is… 😌

2 boys from the same parents, from one womb, yet different characters.

This is why I can’t implement the same parenting to both boys. I need to be more intense on building Al’s character, which is why Abe is having the thought of me giving less attention on him.

On the other hand, Abe is a teenager now, he obviously needs me more on the adulting stuff, which make Al thinks that I put less time on him.

Gosh… There are no such thing as being fair when you’re parenting.

Two souls, two characters, two minds, two hearts, one mom 😨

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