God is a demanding God

It’s true! 

Yes He give us the freedom to choose. He won’t insist that we choose His path. Still, we have to be responsible.

We choose to be married, we have to work hard to keep the marriage. 

We choose to have children, we have to take care of the kids and providing. 

We choose to buy a house, we have to pay the mortgage and take care of the house. 

So many things we have chosen in our life, God provides. Yet, He demands our responsibility. 

The more you can proof that you’re capable in handling things you have, God will provide more. I have faith in that. 

Think of it like this… 

I’ve been praying to buy a house. Our own house. Hubby’s been working hard so we can buy a house. We’ve been renting big houses, small houses, even tiny apartment. All those times, I keep the house neat and clean, so I can provide a healthy home for my children. I’ve had helper to maintain the house coz I was working, but the goal is there. 

Now we have our own house. Bigger than any of the rented houses and much much bigger than our tiny little apartment. Now I don’t have a helper, I clean and organize my house by myself. Keep everything as comfortable as possible and healthy for the kids. Do you think God will provide me this big house if all those times I didn’t maintain my previous houses? 

Do you think you can give an expensive phone to your children when they always break every cheap phone you bought for them? Of course you want them to show you that they can be trusted to have an expensive phone. That they’re responsible enough to take care of the phone. Right? 

Our Father in heaven is also like that. He wants us to show Him that we can be trusted for Him to give something bigger to you. He’s Almighty, He can give ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. But first, He demands your responsibility. 

I have an online shop. What happen if I seldom upload my things to sale? No one will know what I was selling, who would’ve bought? So, I need to work. Take pictures, edit, upload, response. That’s the only way that God is able to bless me with income. No work no money. Simple. That’s how much God demands. 

If you want to have a successful life, career wise or life wise. Work your ass off. If work hard is not enough, work harder. You can’t simply live your life laying around the house, playing games till the next morning, sleeping when everybody is working and up when everybody is sleeping, idling around, not even trying to help yourself to be a better person. How would God grant you a better job nor a better life? 

We should be working dang hard to impress God. To show Him that we’re worthed His grand prize. Get up early in the morning, do something useful, help around, improve yourself. Don’t have a job, why should I get up early? Because you have God to impress on. He needs to know that you’re ready for the big job He’s planning for you. Until you show him that you’re able to handle them, He won’t give you that big job. 

Your boss won’t promote you if in your current position you don’t perform well. God is demanding like that. Show Him that you can handle a bigger job, then only He can give you. Simple. 

Same as money. Show Him that you can handle this amount of money (whatever your income is), be wise in spending them, be thoughtful, then only He will provide you with more money. The more you show him, the more money He trust you with. 

So, to me… God is a demanding God. 

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Dessy Lestari

I started this blog in 2016 hoping to share my passion to inspire and motivate others.

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