Hope in a distant 

It’s blooming 😍 I took them from my friend’s, half dead. She wasn’t sure about me taking them coz she thought I was just moving her trash to my house. I took it anyway. 

I water it every morning and for a while, I thought she might be right. They seemed pretty dead, they’re drying out on me, leaves were falling. But I keep watering them and see… They’re there 😍 

They’ll be the 1st flowers in my house. In fact, in my life. I’ve never had the chance to do some gardening. Maybe that’s why I was pretty stubborn on taking them with me. 

Can we be stubborn enough doing things that seemed useless yet important to us? Are we patience enough waiting for our prayers to be answered while trying, for God knows when to stop? Do we have that faith to stay faithful in the process? Can we still have our hope high when it’s far in a distant? 

I know for sure, process could be painful and teary 😥 But I know for sure, if we stay faithful, do what’s right, flowers would start blooming 😍 

God works in the root, out of sight, out of mind, but beautiful flowers sure brightened our lives, at His time 🙏

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