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As promised, today I share with you how I organize my freezer.

I used to drop everything inside my freezer. And every time I wanted to cook, I gotta dig through all of those bags. Everything mixed on top of each other @.@. My freezer got so dirty from those fish, chicken, beef. Yuck! Then I came up to this idea. Inspired from those kind moms sharing their home organization.


I use kitchen bins to separate the foods. On top shelf are ice bucket, 2 ice packs, 1 kitchen bin where I keep my smoothie bags (and I keep ice creams in that bin when I have extra budget). Check out my SMOOTHIE HACKS!.

On the lower shelf are 2 kitchen bins. 1 for my packet foods such as chicken nuggets, chicken wings, potato fries, meatballs, tempura, etc. Just an easy grab and fry for hectic days when I don’t have time to cook, such as breakfast. The other bin is for raw meats. Fish, prawn, beef, chicken, etc.

As you can see, I still have more room and its very easy to clean. Just take a bin when its empty at the end of the week, wash them, and re-use them for your next meal plan.

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