How I Relax & Keep My Sanity As A SAHM

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I am now sitting next to my washing machine while charging my phone and relax.

So, I thought why not I write a post about it. As you know, being a stay at home mom means 24 hours of works. We don’t get paid but we do get rewarded by Heavenly Father.

Sometimes I do get overwhelmed and exhausted and these endless tasks really get into my nerves. When it does happen, I got cranki and easily annoyed, my kids gets it, my husband gets it, in the end I feel crappy. I don’t wanna feel crappy most of my life.

So, I find a way to get relax and keep my sanity.

  • YouTube. I watch YouTube when I’m having a time out in the middle of the day. When I feel tired. I just lay down and watch YouTube. Mostly, I fell asleep for a while but when I got up, I feel recharged and ready to continue working.
  • Coffee. I have coffee 2-3 cups a day. I’ll sit down and drink my coffee while (again) watching YouTube. Caffeine really makes my day.
  • Writing. I find writing is relaxing. It’s my outlet. After I write, I feel like something gets lifted up my chest and that’s reliving.
  • Let go! You can’t stay alert and moving everytime, the whole day for a whole week an entire year. If I feel that I don’t wanna do things, I don’t. I do have routines. I have chores. But when I don’t get a time or not feeling like doing it, I just let go and not do it. It does keep my sanity instead of going crazy trying to do everything when (let’s get real) it’s not possible to get done.

The point is… Do what suits you. What makes the house and the kids taken care of without making you insane.

It is okay to skip laundry for a day or two. It is okay to skip washing your floors, you can do it twice a week or once a week. It is okay to just have a simple lunch or dinner, don’t overwhelmed yourself making something and end up with a bunch of mess in your kitchen when you still have tons to do. It is okay to lay down and watch TV when you don’t feel well.

Understand your body. Get to know you. Nothing is more important than to make you feel happy doing what you’re doing. Being a stay at home mom needs commitment and strength. You need to take care of yourself first before you take care of million other things in the family.

Let me know in the comment below what you do to relax and enjoy more of being a stay at home mom. We need encouragement from other moms, so we know we’re not alone.

Mom power!!!

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