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I just finished my daily devotion, so I thought I will share with you how I start my day. Every morning after I send out my oldest son to school, I’ll make myself a cup of coffee and open my YouTube to listen to Joel Osteen sermons.

I make notes in my Home Management Binder. Next year, I plan to have a separate journal for my daily devotion.

I label my daily devotion as Daily Bread coz it is literally the bread of my spirit and my faith.

Then I write down my gratitude and prayers for the day. Sorry I have to cover them with tissue since it’s very personal 😃

Why Joel Osteen? My hubby said, he’s not a pastor but a motivator. Well, I find myself need a motivation to live my life in God’s favor. Don’t we all? That’s why we go to church every Sunday. About church, I don’t regularly go to church, but I do listen to sermons every morning (sometimes I skip coz something comes up, but I strongly encourage myself to do it every morning). I have strong belief that God lives in me, not only in church.

Joel Osteen’s sermons are full of encouragement and positive words. He mostly point out in God’s mightiness. How God is capable of doing everything and that we all should be dependent to God.

Why morning? Coz I’d like to start my day having the thought that I’m blessed by God. That God will guide me through the day. That God is my path and God will lead me into the fullness of my destiny. To give me the strength to face whatever comes within the day. To give me faith that I’ll make it another day in God’s favor.

I’m not in a condition of having all in my life. Not perfect at all. I mostly find it hard to be grateful in a hard situation. But since I have my daily bread, I find myself happier, more positive, more grateful. Happy mom happy family right? 😆

Whatever your belief/religion is, find yourself a way to make your days less complain more gratitude.

Wish you all a happy days… God bless!

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