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It’s been a long time since my last post. Life happens. Priorities change. But we’re all coming to the end of 2017. Who wouldn’t want a fresh start? I would!

So… I’m all fired up to take the 1st step to 2018 on a right foot. What’s best other than planning? Yup. I’m mapping out my plans. Write down everything and start moving one step at a time.

This includes launching my!!!

Hey…. I’m a .com now πŸ˜€

Tell you what… It ain’t easy. Not for me.

It started off months ago with a journey of a love hate relationship with GoDaddy and WordPress.

And this week, things were not as smooth as I expected (again). I have problems exporting and importing my data from to I spent hours. Back and forth between my PC and laptop. It was a pain. 3 hours and it kept failing.

My sister gave me link 1 for me to follow every steps on exporting and importing my data. Nothing wrong with the post nor the directions, maybe it was me, being an amateur, I was failing over and over again.

Then I search for a solution. This is what I love about internet. You can find literally EVERYTHING. I found link 2 and start following every steps. At first, it was still a frustrating process for me. It was still failing. But… We learn through errors and mistakes. I do too.

I got everything under control. Finally.

Now, I’m gonna share with you what I did to make it work. First, you need to follow link 1. If link 1 doesn’t work, move to link 2. Still not working? Follow these steps…

  1. Make sure that you unzip the files. I made mistake by not unzipping it. It will be in WinRAR ZIP file. You have to unzip it into XML document to be able to import them.

2. Upload file and import

3. It will go the ‘failed page’. Saying that your importing has failed. Don’t panic, it’s normal! (I wish someone could’ve told me that before ha ha)

4. Refresh your page and start over. Re-do your steps. Run your importer again.

5. What? I need to start all over again? Yup. BUT… Don’t worry. While they showed you your ‘failure’, it was only a stopping point where there are some files not importing in the right ‘manner’. I was so frustrated that I lost focus and my brain got so hot that I couldn’t think right. There was a point where I got so fed up and wanting to quit, when I mistakenly clicked media and found my photos!!! So, it was actually working! Then I open my post, it was there! Well, not everything but it was there. So, I did an experiment. I took a picture of the WordPress post and the .com post.

I have 198 posts in my WordPress page.

I have 110 in my .com page.

Yeeeeaaaaay!!! More steps and I’m done.

6. Keep re-doing the steps until your imports are all finished. How do I know? They’ll tell you.

7. All done. Have fun!

Now, I still have some minor issues from importing. My original posts are 198 posts and I have 200 posts in my .com page. Hmmm… I have to find the 2 posts that are having errors and do something about it. I’m hoping it’s not as frustrating as I had been through (fingers cross).

I hope this can help you and make your blogging experience more exciting and less technical πŸ˜€

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