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Today I wanna talk about organizing your life. My life isn’t perfect. But I want to improve my life, organized my life, so I don’t go back to the stressed and depressed Dessy. I can still remember the feeling of my body got drenched, overwhelmed brain, still moping the floor at 1 am, like 24 hours is not enough for me to take care of a family of 4, and I only have 2 kids, let alone taking care of myself. Imagine if I have 5 kids @.@ . Thinking that my life was so so so unlucky. Why couldn’t I be like my friends, enjoying life in a mall everyday, why couldn’t I have a maid, why didn’t I have this, have that, why this, why that, and the ungrateful list is soooooo long. I know girl… I feel you 🙂 I was in that state of mental breakdown and am still working on it. Like I said, my life isn’t perfect.

Then I found moms posting vlog on YouTube, sharing their life, how they organized their days, their house. Their houses aren’t picture perfect catalog like, but they’re real. Real moms having real life. I was so inspired and motivated in how they organized they’re life, their house, their kids, their family. And no maids! I’m lucky to have 2 maids right now and still gets overwhelmed sometimes. Why? Coz I’m (always) trying to do everything. My brain doesn’t stop ticking, it keeps moving, trying to find something to do, to create, to be productive. Then I started something, couldn’t keep up with things, got overwhelmed, and I stop. It happens a lot. 1 thing to point finger on me… I didn’t organized my life.

So let’s dig in to organizing life!

  1. Planning. I’m a person who thinks about the future. Everything I do, I think about how it impact my future. I was a very well planned (single) girl. I knew exactly what I was doing or about to do. Then when I got married, suddenly I have to re-plan, and getting 2 heads to work together is not easy. 2 brains, 2 different personalities, 2 mindsets, just hard. I lost track. So you need to work on something. I worked on something. I started planning again. I’m determined to get my life back. And I learn about Home Management Binder. I meal plan. I plan my groceries. I make to do list. I plan my week. I write down everything. I’m a visual person, so storing something in my brain will be just as much as gone. I need to write down and see them.
  2. Create a routine. Having a routine saves your life. Once you get into a routine, you won’t feel like its a burden or something that you’re forced to do, it runs automatically. I divided my routine into morning, afternoon, and evening routine. Simply because of the kids’ schedule with school and other activities. You should create a routine that suits you and your family. And keep it real! You can’t put doing laundry and cleaning the bathroom in the morning routine when you have to take your kids to 2 different schools and have to pick them up 2 hours later.
  3. Organization is the key of time management. Organized your house! Find a home for everything, so you know where to find things and not wasting your time trying to find your watch when you’re already late taking the kids to school. Make it a project of your life. To organize your house. Do it 1 by 1. Area per area. Take your time learning and gather as much as references to inspire you to organize your house. YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, as much as you can get. Use social media to improve the quality of your life. Start grabbing positive materials from social media.
  4. Budgeting. I’m a person who cares about budgeting. I know exactly how to live in a tight budget. Again, you and your spouse can have a different mindset about money and budgeting. Money is a very sensitive issue to talk about, it’s #1 issue in divorce courts. You might think that you don’t have that much of money to manage, but you do. We all do, no matter how much your income is. Our income is fluctuated every month, sometimes we don’t have any income for a few months. I do monthly budgeting. Every month could be different, depending on the income we have that month. I do zero budgeting. I tell my money where to go. I don’t let my money bossing me around, telling me where to go. I am the boss!

Once you start these steps, you will find that some people get to say things about you, even your spouse (maybe). They’ll mock you, underestimate you, laugh at you, even say nasty things to you. Don’t get discouraged. Know that you’re doing this for the sake of yourself and your family, not theirs.

I will share my Home Management Binder, my daily routine, my house organization, and my budgeting on my next posts, hoping it will inspire and motivate you. Make sure you hit the ‘FOLLOW’ button 😀 

With love!

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