How To Quit


Easier said than done right?

I am very conscious of what’s wrong and what’s right for me. I am fully aware and mature enough to admit that I hang on too long on something that is a wrong thing to do. But I’m hanging on to those wrongs coz quitting just too terrifying and scary. I’m terrified on the outcome and scared on what would’ve happened.

I’m walking in the dark knowing that I’m holding on a tree full of torns and it cuts. The stronger I held it the more pain I feel. Everybody encourages me to keep holding on the torns and keep bleeding and if I quit, I’ll look like a looser, a quitter. Often times, quitting resemblance losing. Negative word.

I love to clean. I like clean, non cluttered, neat place. But the one thing I can’t clean is my life. I hold on to the wrong things and I can’t get rid of those wrongs. Do you ever feel that you have too much clutter in your life you need to get rid of but it’s never a success?

Look around you, friends that doesn’t give you any positive feelings, the wrong partner, the wrong job, the wrong business. You are so stuck with the wrongs yet everybody is asking to hold on. Doesn’t it make you feel lost again? What is right and what is wrong?

I, one day asked a friend of mine that had a divorced and remarried. I asked her what made her filed a divorce? She told me bla bla bla… Conclusion : it was the best thing to do (according to her). Then I asked her, about her daughter, she said her daughter feels happier than before coz she doesn’t have to listen to her parents fight. That makes sense right? Everybody happy.

Now I asked her about her new husband. What made her take a decision to be married again. Isn’t she scared that it might end up like the 1st marriage? She told me bla bla bla… Conclusion: he’s the best that can happen to her right now (according to her). Then I asked her about her daughter. She said, her daughter is having the best dad she ever have. That makes sense again. Everybody happy.

The irony is…

I told her about some issues I’m having and she told me to hold on!!! What the…???

What happen with bla bla bla and the happy ending that she’s having? This is when my brain went blur.

What’s wrong with you people? Why the double standard? It’s okay for you to let go and not for me? It’s okay for you to have second chance but not for me? What?

And it happens a lot. I talked to some people and their answer is (shockingly) the same. Why?

I know why. It’s not because they regret their decision (coz they are happy now!), with letting go the wrong and letting in the right. It’s because they don’t want to take the blame. They don’t want to say something to encourage you to let go coz they’re afraid that one day you guys were catching up and you’re living even more miserable than you were before or the other way around.

Quitting is scary. It’s terrifying. You can tell some strangers to quit doing what they think is wrong coz you won’t have to see them again. You don’t have to face the possibility of your advice to quit, caused them went into the gutter. Of course it will make you feel good if you know that they’re doing much better after letting go, but what if it’s not?


The best I can say to quit doing the wrongs is listen to your heart. Pray on it. Pray hard on it. Ask around but don’t let their opinions become your decision.

YOU are living your life. YOU are the one feeling the pain. YOU are the one feeling the joy. It is YOUR life. YOU make the decision.

And don’t forget… Be an adult!

Once you decide. Take responsibility. Own your action.


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