I’m JUST a stay at home mom! 

Last night at church, waiting for Abe on his teens ministry. He specifically asked me to change his tutor schedule so he can join the teens ministry. Who am I not to accommodate his ministry request? 

So I reschedule his tutor class. Sent him by my Mio. I intentionally not using our car so we can save on gas. 

The church is about 10km from our house and we were showered in rain coming home last night. I was soaked. But not Abe, coz I covered him well. Always give the best to our kids right 😊 

The church admin recognized me and we chat. She said that I am patient enough to send the kids to church. My church schedule is Monday for keyboard, Thursday for teens ministry, Saturday for drum, Sunday for church and drum, and twice a month for worshipper ministry. 

Not to mention the kids school schedule, extracurricular, sport, and tutor. Of course, those errands is not included in house chores. I was not this busy even when I was working plus I had extra income 😜 . 

So I should say, stay at home mom shouldn’t be taken lightly 😉 

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