Instagram and good deeds 

A good question isn’t it? 

A question we need to ask ourselves every morning. To start the day right. Having a purpose. 

We spend too much thinking about ourselves. About how to satisfied our self needs. To make us happy. To ‘live’.

Abe is 12 yo. He’s starting to ask about having social media accounts. Well, he started to ask months of months ago, and I said “not yet”. 

When I was picking him up one day, as usual I asked him stuffs, about school and friends, especially the ‘one friend’ (you know what I mean *wink*). 

Then he told me, “mom, I tell you a secret. I messaged her using Oma’s Instagram account”. *Cricket*. 

I realized that he needs his social life. I can’t keep him in the dark forever or I’ll be dealing with more darkness, and I don’t want him to keep any secrets from me. 

I told him, I’ll make him an Instagram account using Oma’s phone. He agreed, very excited. 

Last night, I made him an Instagram account on my phone. I (still) need to control and monitor his social life, and it’ll be a hassle if I have to keep bothering my mom for her phone to check on Abe’s account. 

He was soooooooo happy. His face was glowing with excitement. Precious 😍 

I told him, he can play with Instagram only after he finishes his obligations and responsibilities. Homeworks, school projects, exams, house chores, etc. I told him, I need an assurance that I can trust him to handle social media by being a responsible teenager. We made some more agreements. So it’ll be a win win. 

After his football practice, he went straight to bath, did his homework, prepared books for the next day, house chores, dinner, then he asked for my phone. 

Hold on mister! 

An adult knows how to control themselves. I asked him, “where can you lend a hand?”. One needs to think about others before satisfying their own selves. Then he walked in the kitchen and start doing dishes. Dishes that he repeatedly refuse to do coz he doesn’t want to touch the dirty plates. 

See how powerful a phone for teenagers? Hahahaha. They’re willing to do anything just to satisfy their needs to have a glimpse of joy. Having the phone in his hand and play with Instagram made him do dishes. I sure will think of something else for him to do 😉 

We’re like those teens whose constantly thinking so hard to make ourselves happy that we forget about others. What we can do to help even just a tiny bit part of other’s lives. 

For Abe, the reward is simple, a few minutes with the phone. For us in general, God surely has His great rewards. What He promised, He will fulfill. 

Love others like He loves us. Help others like He helps us. 

Let’s make it a habit. Ask ourselves every morning, “where can I lend a hand today?”. Help someone else everyday. Doesn’t have to be big. Start with something small. We’ll do better everyday then it’ll become a habit. 

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