Is extended warranty really worthed?

Almost every electronic that I own bought from an Electronic Solution or Electronic City. Pricing is a little higher than a small electronic shop, outside the mall, I mean like the shop we can find across the street. But I find it comfortable to buy from the mall, safer if I should say. 

I don’t feel like they’re going to cheat on me. I know where to go when I have something to ask or if anything wrong with my purchase. I’m pretty sure I got the electronic from the original company or factory. 

I know that I could’ve bought some randomly ‘failed’ products but again, I know where to go when that happen. But when you purchase from the street shop, I know they’re not gonna care and just pingpong us here and there. 

And more amazing things from buying it at the mall is they have extended warranty. It’s not a must from them. They’ll offer us everything we purchase from them. The amount is dependingon your purchase. But it’s pretty cheap. It’s like IDR400k for 4 years of extended warranty. Amazing. And I always buy the extended warranty.  Always.

And now this happens to us. 

We bought 3 Sharp Plasmacluster AC from a street shop coz my hub wanted to find a cheaper price. We bought on July 2016 and since our new house wasn’t ready yet, we installed them on December 2016. 

Now it’s November 2017 and one AC in the boy’s room is screwed. I think it got struck by a lightening. It was one stormy day and my youngest saw a weird lights on the AC. I tried to plugged out the cable and plugged in again, not working. 

So hub called the shop and said that their guy is going to look at it. He was hoping that the warranty is effective on December, the month that we installed it. But it doesn’t work that way. The warranty is effective on the date of purchase. So we’re out of warranty. Dang. 

Today the technician came and I have to pay more than IDR600k to get it fixed. Dang. Wish that we bought it from the mall and we won’t have this headache. 

So is extended warranty worthed? ABSOLUTELY.  

I have this good experience on the extended warranty. I bought a Toshiba TV from Electronic Solution and it was also struck by a lightening. I am not lightening bff. My TV is still broken after so many times got fixed. It’s a whole different story. But I don’t have to pay a dime for it to get fixed coz I paid for 4 years extended warranty. 

This AC. I have to wait for an extra money to get it fixed. Do you find it weird that whenever you’re broke there’s always something broken needs to be fixed? I find it depressing though. Well… Gotta keep the spirit high. 

Lesson learned. Always buy electronics from the mall and always buy the extended warranty. Always. 

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