It’s official!!! 

Congratulations boy!!! 

I’m so proud of you 👍 You’ve worked so hard. I see you growing, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You are no longer a baby, well… You’re always be my baby 😍 

But I’m learning life with you. You’ve taught me so much more that I could ever teach you. This motherhood thing, will be such a hardship without you. 

Now, you’re entering another level of life, another new beginning, another life lessons. I want you to know that you’ll never walk alone. I promise to be yours in your happy times, exciting moments, puppy love state of puberty, sad times, disappoinments. 

We will never know what’s ahead of us. But I assure you, that God is already prepared the best blessings for you now, in the future, and will always be. I’m gonna help you through it. To achieve it. 

Keep honoring God. Be grateful. Thank God what you have and what’s coming. Be a lamb of God. He’ll take you to the great destiny already prepared for you. 

Stay true to your heart. Be genuine. Be kind. Honest. Be you. 

Shine my son! Give light to wherever you are. Lend a hand to whoever needs it. Let everyone see that God lives in you. 

Shine my son! 

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