JAFRA Brightening Dynamics Skin Brightener + Review


Here I’d like to review JAFRA Brightening Dynamics Skin Brightener +

I bought it about a year ago. When my friend 1st introduced me to JAFRA. As most of we Asian girls prefer to have brighter skin, I tried to buy this product.

It was 280k something and since I applied as member, I got discount. How is it? I’ll get to it later. Now, I’m going to show you the product.

The pump didn’t work as I expected. It was hard and the cream doesn’t easily come out. And I found out that most of members does have complains about the pump.

This is how the cream looks like.

It smells nice. Like flowery orangey smell.

This is how it does to my skin.

I have a super oily skin. And it makes my skin worst. It’s just doesn’t work on my skin.

My skin got more oily and it doesn’t makes my skin looks brighter but instead I look darker coz it seems dirtier since it doesn’t have SPF and my skin absorb more dirt, if it make sense 🤔

If you have dry skin, you could give it a try. It might works better on dry skin. Though they have up the price to 310k this year, brightening products have more market in Indonesia.

If have try it, leave a comment below and share. So, others can have more reviews before they decided to purchase.

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See you in my next product review. Love you 😘

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