Practice makes perfect. Sometimes we punished ourselves for making mistakes.

Labeling ourselves for being not talented, stupid, mean, evil, criminals, sinners, lazy, unorganized, etc.

Why don’t we label ourselves with highly talented, smart, creative, kind, helpful, anointed, hard worker, etc.

We are what we continuously do. Our habit defines who we are. Doing something then making mistakes doesn’t mean that you have to stop trying.

I’m a strong believer that nothing is impossible as long as we want to try and don’t stop trying.

Find knowledge from everywhere, everyone, using every tool you have. Life is a learning process.

Don’t close yourself up thinking that you’re old or a genius or expert or whatever makes you feel so great about yourself that you don’t need anymore and anything from someone else.

We can ALWAYS get something from someone else. Make friends, socialize, talk to everybody, don’t look down on people, they may take you somewhere else you never know you’re capable of doing.

My son is 12 yo. He has been learning to play drum since he was 9 yo. Often times he asked to quit learning. I never forced him to do anything. I always give him choices.

Taekwondo, guitar class, Mandarin, soccer, badminton, drum, etc. After times, now only drum and soccer. He asked to join each of those classes, I took him and paid for each classes. But everytime he made mistakes, he wanted to quit for being “it’s not my thing”, “I’m not talented”, “I don’t want it anymore”, etc.

Well… He asked to join, ok. He asked to quit, ok. BUT… Before he quit, I’ll sit with him, review everything that he has been learning, spent time for, looking at it from every angle possible.

“There’s no such thing as you can’t. YOU ALWAYS CAN! ALWAYS! As long as you don’t quit trying”.

End of story, drum and soccer. Ok boy… YOU CAN DO IT!

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