The men in my life. Each with their own characters​. Adulting doesn’t comes with age. I am obligated to teach my boys through adulting steps by steps. Some says, it’s easier to teach children rather than teaching adults. It is true, indeed. As my cousin said, you can’t change what’s been molded for 40 years in 12 years. 

I didn’t have any knowledge of being content in my childhood. No one ever taught me how to be happy and grateful in any situation I was in. I was in my own world of depression, thinking that I didn’t have enough, I complained a lot, dwelling on whatever situation I was in, angry for those who treated me wrong, for those who didn’t love me enough. No sense of grateful in me. I thought that certain lifestyle was the only way to happiness. 

Now, I am determined to give my boys the legacy of being content. The knowledge that God owns it all. That in whatever situation, there will always have something to be grateful for. That whoever they are, they are blessed and anointed by The Almighty God. That nothing would have happens without God’s permission. In that thought alone, they should be a person who will always seek God’s 1st. Coz God is the center of the universe. Not them. Not anybody else in this world. Only God.

Parenting is not an easy task. Not at all. I don’t know whether I’m parenting it the right way or wrong way. I would never know what the future holds. But I believe, whatever it is. It’s already approved by God. It may not seems alright by now, but God never gives us bitterness without fulfilling His promise to make it all sweet. God works in supernatural ways that we shouldn’t think about finding the how and why, let Him do all the works. We just have to believe and have faith.

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