Mamabe Vegetables Soup


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As usual I will share my very simple recipe. Nothing’s fancy. Just a simple cook with simple ingredients. In Indonesia, we call it Sayur Sop. You can add meatball, sausage, beef, chicken, anything. Sayur sop is mostly cook with carrot, potato, cabbage, broccoli, and french bean. Its very easy.


Boil some water. Because its a soup, you need to have a lot of water. I put in a chicken bone as a stock. I cook it till the water lessen to half.


While waiting for the chicken stock, I cut the vegetables. Today I’m having carrot, french bean, cauliflower, and cabbage. You need to put in the longest cooked veggies 1st (in my case is the carrot) then adding them one by one till its all cooked with the texture you want.


Add in salt, sugar, pepper, a sliced tomato and fried onions. Taste to your palate. Its done! Easy right? Try it and you’ll love it 🙂

Thank you for joining me and I’ll see you in my next recipe.

Love y’all


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