Mental Breakdown!

There are saying that “Happy Wife Happy Life” and “Happy Mom Happy Kids”

We as a woman and a mom has huge responsibility here. To keep our husband and kids happy, so we can have a happy life in a happy house. I believe we all try our best to fulfill that, we try to do everything with so little time, we try to be the accountant/chef/housekeeping/teacher/driver/doctor/event organizer/model/coach/sex expert/etc. Literally everything.

But what happens when we don’t have the support we need? Coz obviously, WE need to be HAPPY to accomplish the Happy goals.

Ever feel like you’re trying to keep your peace in the middle of the war? When everyone in the family are stressful and acting out destroying the peace in the house, when you’re trying your best to keep your cool for the sake of the Happy goals.

Stressful people could easily turn green out of nothing. A plastic plate on the table could trigger a fight. The kid’s lunch could trigger a fight. AC malfunction could trigger a fight. Everything! Like every tiny little things could trigger a fight.

We as human can’t avoid problems. Every single person on this earth has their own problems. Huge or tiny are completely depends on how we react towards our problems. One person’s problem could be a tiny problem to us, but not according to that person. And vise versa.

I myself, not a religious person, very seldom goes to church. But I have huge faith that everything in my life is under God’s control. Everything God allowed us to experience, good or bad, is in God’s hands. When God allowed bad things happen in my life, God certainly has the way out. I just need to believe that rescue is on the way. I need to keep trying my best, always grateful, pray and believe.

What makes life harder is when we’re surrounded by negative people with the negative attitude. Less gratitude, less patience, less sympathy, and worse… Less faith. It’s a war zone in the house. Bomb can explode anytime. When the bomb is off, everybody gets hurt. Every single person in the house gets hurt. For what? Your problems don’t magically disappear when you hurt people. Instead, you’ll end up alone. People you hurt may don’t have anymore strength to put up with you.

Yes we are stressful. Yes it feels like our life is on the edge. Yes it makes us wants to give up. But when you have faith that God has the power to lift up our life, our hearts will certainly feel a lot better. Our brains will not work so freakingly hard trying to figure out the problem. Coz we have Heavenly Father in control. We’ll be a lot better of a person and not acting so crazy.

Don’t make your life worse by hurting people you love. Coz love fades from pain. Problems hurts our life, don’t cut deeper by causing more pain.

Have faith, pray, try harder, control your temper, careful of your words. BE GRATEFUL! BE HAPPY!

Happiness is for people who knows how to be grateful in any state of life.

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Dessy Lestari

I started this blog in 2016 hoping to share my passion to inspire and motivate others.

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