Mom Lifestyle

When you’re a mom, you definitely will have mom lifestyle. What exactly is mom lifestyle? 

You’re brave when you’re scared as hell. 

You smile when you’re​ holding tears.

You’re always on the go when you feel like sleeping.

Beauty and fashion is no longer your ‘thing’. 

You become a minimalist. 

You’re snoozing so many alarms till you finally drag your ass to the bathroom and have 1 minute of yourself and head out the door to send the kids to school. 

You’re paying attention to whatever the kids eat while you eat whatever left on the kid’s lunches. 

You’re eating while you’re doing laundry and takes care of business and cooking and looking at the clock all the time coz you’re running out of time to go pickup the kids from school. 

You’re using shower time as an excuse to have ‘me time’. 

You’re having TV as a decor coz you don’t watch them. 

You could have a nice treatment at the beauty salon but you decided to use the money to buy pizza for the kids. 

You’re watching other people cleaning their house so that you can also get to cleaning. 

You try so hard to give the kids the very best while you don’t even know what’s best for you. 

You’re busy and busy and busy and busy… 

When you’re​ so busy taking care of the kids that you find it hard to takes care of yourself… You’re in the Mom Lifestyle. 

What’s best in this lifestyle is the MOM part. Being a mom is the best career I’ve ever have. I’m a manager, a CEO, an accountant, a lawyer, a referee, a chef, a teacher, a priest, a clown, a marketing, a doctor, a phycologist, a dentist, a chauffeur, and I still have a very long list of who I am for my kids. For them… I can be everything. 

Are you a mom? Welcome to the club! Enjoy every precious moment in this mom lifestyle 😉

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