My 1st attempt and failed

I was always wondering whether bazaar tenants would reach BEP when they join a bazaar. I was always afraid that I’ll lose my money trying to do bazaar of my own. And you what? I did lose money 😦

I joined a bazaar on 10-12 Sept ’16. Had high hope that I will earn a lot. It was a long weekend holiday, at a very famous place and it’s closed to my home. That wasn’t enough. I imagined that place will be packed of people, and it was. Soooooo many people. But, more people and a good place is never enough to be your reference in joining a bazaar.

I read blogs about people joining a bazaar, I googled everything I should know about joining a bazaar, I followed every step that they suggested, I wrote down everything that I could ever prepared, yet it was a failed bazaar.

Why? Because I didn’t pay attention to how the EO set up the bazaar. I was too focused on what I should prepare (I was so nervous for being a 1st timer) and didn’t even ask the EO how they are gonna set up the bazaar. It was a bummer. The EO set up the bazaar as a detour to the main tourist attraction, so the people was not coming to a bazaar with the intention to shop from us. They are just a by passer and we are just like an aquarium to them.

Any income? Yes. But way way waaaaay far from what I spent. Not even cover the rent which I paid per day. Was I sad? Yes! It was a discouragement. I sacrificed money, time (12 hours a day at the bazaar), and energy for it. Joining a bazaar any time soon? NO! I need to recover from it (monetary and mentally) 😀

But, lesson learned. 1 more experience added to my resume. It didn’t have a good result, but it did have a good impact to my still growing life. Makes me realize that in everything in life, there are always a lesson for me and it makes me stronger every time. Yes, at the age of 37 I am still learning 🙂

So… I hope you learn from my mistake and semoga gak ada yang ikutan bazaar capek doang kayak dirikyu ini ya 😀 . Cari EO yang bagus (tanya sedetail2nya), lokasi yang bagus, banyak2 cari informasi tempat and pengunjungnya (kalo bisa datang survey dulu ke bazaar2 terdahulu). Kalo masih mau coba2 (1st timer juga) ikutan bazaar yang rent nya murah aja dulu, jangan yang sewa nya selangit, jadi kalo bazaar nya sepi pembeli gak nyesek2 banget rugi nya hehehehe. Jadi takut mau ikutan bazaar? Kalo takut terus kapan maju nya? Kapan punya pengalaman dan pelajaran baru nya? Ingat waktu sekolah aja, kan bayar SPP, nah pelajaran hidup juga begitu… Kadang harus keluar biaya dulu supaya dapat pelajarannya. Selalu berfikir positif supaya pas dapat pelajaran yang gak enak, bisa tetap semangat 😀

*harusnya sih upload foto2 dokumentasi, tapi saking bete nya, semua foto di delete :p

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