No Shame!

My Bible journaling is not perfect. I skipped days. As you can see, it’s been almost a month since my last journal. 

I started late and I skip days. I should’ve been ashamed to show you this, coz it’s showing my imperfections, my flaws. As most people do in social media, I should just posting good images and perfect performances of my life. 

But life is way near perfect. We have mistakes, flaws, bad days, rough times, and other awful things. Life is not about us dragged along those things, weighing our journey, walking limbs, thinking that it’s too late. 

No! Life is a matter of us getting back on track, leaving the mistakes behind, learn to be better, seek for a way that’ll bring us to our destination. It’s never too late! 

Your flaws shouldn’t stop you from what God has been destined you for. As long as you put down your pride, on your knees, asking for God’s wisdom, letting God be your potter and shape you. 

Your ego won’t save you from shame, it only covers the flaws and piles them till you can’t even see your true self. Blocking your path. It’s okay to have flaws, making mistakes, having imperfections. 

Know that you’re anointed, start again, move forward! 

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