Not a joke (?) 

A conversation took my mind away. Started from a joke (supposed) turns to a hatred. Someone made a joke and the person got it all worked up. 

Of course, a joke can be a catastrophe when it’s being said at the wrong time, wrong person, wrong place. But how would we know? We don’t read minds. 

What we thought was a simple joke, taken seriously by that person. I joke around and sometimes the joke was on me. If I take it all personally, I’ll have gazillions enemies, don’t even have a family coz I despise them too for making fun of me. 

I might as well live in a jungle where the wilds don’t pass a joke on me coz what they see in me isn’t joke material but a meal. 

Well… It’s true what its says “It is all in the mind”. We react to everything. Our reaction defines who we are and what we are. We could live angry, dissatisfied, negative, grumpy, and alone. Or… We could live happy, positive, smiley, peaceful, and not alone. 

We are not in control of other people’s attitude towards us, but we definitely can control ours

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