November Challenge – IDR400K food budget for a family of 5 

This is how much I have to work on for food this month until the next paycheck (God knows when). IDR400k ($30) for a family of 5. 

Wanna follow my ‘magical’ journey? 

And yes, I didn’t buy any food from the 1st of November. We just eat what we have left in the fridge and today we only have 2 eggs left. 

What do I provide my family with this little money? 

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Jeez… I even get excited with this (weirdo) and my brain is like a roller coaster trying to figure this out. My head hurts from catching a cold, got my pill, and can’t even sleep coz my brain refuse to stop rolling. Oh… And I have no budget left for households items 😥

Will I stay with the IDR400K budget or I’ll have extra money coming in? God knows. 

Shall we start? 

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