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I was having a rough day. Kinda moody today. So I’ve decided to pamper myself. I took out my spa products and start washing off the negative vibes in my life. I thought… I’ll share with you what I do and what products I use 😊

Milk body scrub – Sumber Ayu Lulur Mandi Susu

I apply body scrub all over my body. I use it dry. I scrub thoroughly. Especially on my armpit, elbow, knees and my foot. Those places kinda dry so I need to scrub them and moisturizes them often.

Makarizo Hair Mask – Royal Jelly Hair Repair Mask

I don’t have any favorite hair products. I jump to any products on sale 😬 So, as I said, I found it on sale at Indomaret. I bought 3 sachet. It has a less moist feeling. It doesn’t smooth my hair but it does makes my hair less greasy for a lot longer. My scalp is very greasy. I used to washed my hair everyday but since I found my hair is dryer each days, I started washing them twice a week.

I have a very complex skin type. My face is extremely oily but… When it get easily cracked up dry and make my skin more oily in the inside. Gosh… I don’t know how to explain it. It’s just so difficult to take care of my skin.

And so does with my hair. My scalp is extremely oily, yet my hair gets easily dry. I mean dry is very dry. Like every single hair can get out of its places and stand up like a stick broom. But if I use a conditioner, my scalp is gross right at the 2nd day. And my hair don’t get better. I’m having a frustrating situation with my hair and skin 😭

OK… Get back to the product. Yes, it gives me a better hair day but still I have to hair band my hair, ponytail everytime, everyday, every second 😥

Neutrogena – Microdermabrasion Tool

I have it for 7-8 years now. Wow… O never thought a tool that I use almost everyday can last very long. I still love it. I still use it. It works great on my skin. It gives me the clean look, fix my spots, rid away acnes, less oily, and it smooths my skin. Love it. I just have to find the perfect moisturizer and night cream and I’ll have my no skin problems moments of my life. How I wish my dream came through 😓

JAFRA – Mud Mask

Well… I’ve been trying this brand since I joined their direct selling. Been trying several products but this is my ‘okay’ product. Not very excited about it but okay. Since I still have them, I’ll use them. As long as it doesn’t gives me more skin problems.

What can I say about this product? Hmmm… It makes my skin dryer? Yeah, I guess so. Less oily. But I have to immediately apply a night cream. Or else my skin will break off. So, it’s a so so product.

Don’t get me wrong. Some people gets awesome results with the brand. It’s just not the brand and the product for me.

That’s it. My simple simple home spa. A way to escape my hectic life 😁 I don’t have the budget to have a special expensive treatment so I work with what I have. And it’s enough for me right now.

Wouldn’t I want to treat myself a very nice care? Of course! Who doesn’t? Come on ladies! We’ve worked our ass off so we deserves it. Once in a while. When you have the budget. When you don’t… Don’t stress yourself wanting what everyone else is having 😄

Thanks for coming along my pampered night. I hope you have a nice pampered night yourself. Relax. Enjoy the moment. Be content. Be grateful. Be you 😃

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Love y’all 💞

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