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Here I’d like to review Panasonic washing machine I bought on 4 January 2017. I’ve been using Modena front loading washing machine for about 7 years and it’s now broken, so I have to buy new one.

I love my Modena. I didn’t find any problems with it until it’s broken 😥. Now I’ve decided to buy this latest products of Panasonic washing machine. Been using it for a month and I will review it for you. I hope you find it useful when you’re finding or buying a washing machine.

Here I’ll compare it to the one I’ve used before which is Modena.

I will try to find what type that is.

1. It’s top load. I find that front load has much better results than top load. For top load, you have to set more water to have a cleaner laundry. A waste of water 😥

2. It has a bigger loads, 13.5 kg. But still, you can’t load too many, coz you’ll need more water and your laundry won’t be cleaned enough since its all packed together and no room for them to move. For maximum load you’ll need 93L of water 😱

3. You need to always clean the lint filter after every cycle. If not, your next laundry will be covered with lints. You definitely don’t want that 😲

4. Don’t ever try to wash your sandals and shoes in a top load washing machine. I used to washed my sandals and shoes in my Modena front load washing machine and it worked fine. Not with top load washing machine. Your sandals and shoes will be just floating around the tub and not getting cleaned. It all came out still dirty and your tub is full of dirts. I made that mistake and ended up washing my clothes twice coz they’re all covered with the sandals and shoes dirts 😭

4. It fits 3 thin blankets in 1 load. 2 thick blankets in 1 load. Though it needs a lot of water in each loads.

5. I used to pour in 1 cup of vinegar in the softener case with my Modena front load. Tried to do the same with this washing machine and it doesn’t work. I decided to pour in the vinegar on the rinse position no 1 (direct pour to the tub), the last cycle of rinsing and refilling, it worked. And I need 2 cups for more loads.

6. I used to washed my floor mats in my Modena front load and it worked fine. Not with this machine though. It doesn’t have the same results, not as cleaned as the front load and you’re gonna have to clean the tub thoroughly or it will mess up your next load.

7. It has water level sensor. So it’ll sensor your load before starting the cycle. The more load you have, the more water. But really, I don’t find it useful. I have to add 1 more level or my laundry won’t be cleaned.

8. I can’t use the speedy mode as I always used on my Modena coz (again) my laundry won’t be cleaned.

I still have the plastic cover intact coz the guy who installed it said that the panel is fragile. Water will make it malfunction. And the panel doesn’t included in the guarantee coverage 😓

I don’t know whether it’s the type (front load and top load) or the brand (Modena and Panasonic). But I do recommend to get a good front load washing machine rather than a top load. Front loading washing machine is more expensive though but it’s worthed.

I think I’m gonna ask a technician to fix my Modena and use it to wash my sandals and shoes, also my floor mats. It will cost me 1.5 juta to get Modena technical support to fix it. Maybe It’ll be cheaper if I get it fixed from a regular service guy. We’ll see.

Leave a comment for your washing machine experience and give me tips on how to use my Panasonic better. Hit the ‘follow’ button and join my blog family 😄

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