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Having my hot tea, working on my Blackberry, and looking at my lil boy having his crackers while drawing. I didn’t send him to school today 😑

Long story short, he is not being responsible on his schooling. For us parents, our kid’s school is important. We are willing to do literally everything to give them the best education, for his future sake. On whatever budget we are, the best is your best. But when the kids doesn’t consider school as important as we think, then the whole point of ‘the best’ is useless. 

I don’t care much about good grades. I don’t think much about school rankings. I do care about my kid’s mentality. I take responsibility for what I educate my kids in preparing them for the future. If they don’t know how to be responsible, discipline, and honest… It’s my fault for leaving them clueless and unprepared. 

Responsibilities mostly hard to do, yet it’s a must. Discipline lets them care about time. Honesty is the core essence of being human. 

I sleep 2-4 hours a day, yet I have to get up early coz I have responsibility to get my kids to school. Do I want to sleep more? Of course! But I don’t. Do the kids want to play games everyday for hours? Of course! But they have responsibilities to do homework, studying, do home chores, etc. I need to prepare them for what’s coming as they grow. I need to teach them that life isn’t about themselves. 

There are so many things to do before they get to what they wanted to be. They need to work for it. They need to know, that I don’t always there for them. There will be time that I can no longer be with them, tell them what to do, reminding them, and rescue them. As much as I wanted to, it’s impossible 😔 

My dear gema… I need to be your mother. You may see me as a monster for now, but you’ll see much later… That I love you so much to let you walk the wrong path. I don’t see myself as an angel but I will try my very best to prepare you to be the person that the people look up to. To be someone that shines and brightened everything around you. To be the living proof of God’s greatness. 

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