Philosophy Clear Days Ahead 30 Days Trial Kit Review


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Now, I’m gonna review Philosophy Clear Days Ahead. I bought it in April 2016 for $51.85 (inc. shipping) on eBay (I will leave the links below). I was having a pretty bad acne on my face. I  tried other skin care products, but nothing seemed to work. Then I remember that I once used a Philosophy product (I can’t remember which one), I loved it. I searched online specifically on Philosophy acne products and I found it. I always buy trial kits for new skin care products I wanted to try, coz there’s always a possibility that my skin don’t have a good response to the products. The price was pretty cheap for a packet of 4 products, so I ordered. And I’m pretty happy with my decision.

It came at the middle of May and I started the treatment at night. I will review here 1 by 1.


It’s the cleanser (soapy). Smells citrus. Love it! It does make your skin feel dryer but not cracking dry (you know, like your skin crack when you smile). I used it twice a day, morning and night. Once my skin was better, I stop using it. I only use it when my acne get in action again. It’s almost empty thou’ 😦


It’s the toner pad. It’s a wet round shape tissue (kinda). So you just pad it to your skin after the cleanser, every night. Again, it make your skin dryer but I guess that’s how most acne products works. So I stop using it once my acne got better. I still have about 10-15 pads in there.


This is the acne magic gel (obat jerawatnya) 😀 I apply it to my acne after the cleanser and the toner, at night. It was a pain @.@. It sting! Gosh… I had to fan my face till the sting was gone. But it worked like a charm. The next morning, my acne was dried, reduced, and less painful.


This is the moisturizer. I seldom use this coz my skin got very oily (I have an oily skin). But now I’m using it since my acne is gone. Thank God! And its my least favorite from the packet, coz it doesn’t smell good.

The products last longer than I thought coz it worked immediately. I didn’t have to finish all to get my skin better, so I get to keep them in case it happens again. Once a while there are pimples here and there, but it’s normal. I just use it and the next day, they’re gone. Amazing!

So, if you’re having a skin problem like me, I highly recommend this to you. It’s affordable for a packet of 4 products. It’s totally worth it. Oh… And I used Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System together with it. I will review it in my next post. Stay tune!

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