Produce Haul & Meal Prep 20/01/17


I’m back with hauls and gonna share with you how I meal prep.

Welcome back to you my lovely blog family 😘 And if you’re new to my blog… Welcome! My name is Dessy. I blog everything and anytime I can. Beauty, fashion, food, kids, motherhood, organization, or just chatting. Literally a bit of everything. If you find my blog interesting, please hit the ‘follow’button. I’d love to have you as my blog family 😍

Today, I sent Abe to school and stop by to ‘Tukang Sayur’ and bought some produce.

Bean sprouts, carrots, lemons, cucumber, spinach, pineapple and tempe. I spent 39k for those. I’d like to buy some chilly padi (cabe rawit) but the price is till very high. 135k for 1kg. Crazy! 😫

So, as usual… After my produce haul, I’ll be spending few minutes to meal prep. I basically clean, cut and wash everything. Put them in a plastic containers and store them in the fridge. It saves my time when I need to cook or eat them. And my kitchen will not be a mess everytime I wanted to cook or eat something.

Cucumber + lemon infused water in a jug. Spinach cut and washed. Bean sprouts washed. Carrots cut the edge, peeled and washed. Pineapple cut and washed. Tempe cut and seasoned with Sasa Tepung Bumbu Ayam Krispi, it’s very handy for breakfast or whenever I run out food. Usually at dinner time, I run out food coz the boys finished all at lunch 😌

Try meal prepping. I promise you, it’ll saves you a ton of time. Especially if you’re like me. Have to clean the house, cook, send and pick up boys, VA works and still need to take care of online shop. And now I’m still in the moving house project, so getting things organized here and there, and it seems I have endless things to get in 100% cleared 😰 Tons to do in a very little time. I’ll do anything to have some shortcuts to get everything good and done.

Leave a comment below on what you do to have shortcuts in your daily chores. I’d love to get some new ideas from you.

See you again soon. Love ya! 😘

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