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Now I’m gonna review one of my favorite topic. Coffee. 

So… I went shopping and tried to find me a new coffee. Just trying to get new taste than the one I’ve always take. I laid eyes on this… 

Eye catching right? The color is so me. Red. It’s a really good packaging design wise. So I was intrigued. I got a packet of 10. Was tempted to get more, but I’m an adult, I control myself 😁

And I was right! Yesterday I tried one and end up throwing it away in the sink. I used my coffee mug and it tasted awful. Taste like water with a hint of chocolate flavor and coffee at all 😦 

If you’re a coffee person, you’ll want some coffee in a (supposed to be) coffee pack right? And I didn’t get any from this. Like none 😕

This morning, I decided to try again. Smaller cup. Better CHOCOLATE taste and still NO COFFEE 😠 

Let see what’s in it as they say was in 😒

0.38% of coffee and 8.5% chocolate… Yet they said “instant coffee with chocolate” 😒

When you said coffee with chocolate, it should means a coffee based with a bit of chocolate. The coffee should’ve been the dominant here. Not the chocolate. 

Unless it said, chocolate with coffee. The chocolate is the dominant. I make sense right? But I guess I should’ve read the ingredients more careful 🙄 

It’s a no no from me. Yet I’m not gonna waste. I’m gonna keep them for company. Not gonna give my kids, coz still it has a hint of coffee in it (says them) 😪 

If you don’t drink coffee but wanted a hot drink, it should do. It has a nice chocolate flavor, though the ‘real’ chocolate drink would do a better job. 

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