Pure Hate!

I hate you!

Hate when you do nothing to be something.

Hate when you’re lost not knowing what to do.

Hate when you had a brain blocked like a complete idiot.

Hate when you can’t get up and work.

Hate when you’re so stubbornly cocky. 

Hate when you do nothing but highly praise yourself. 

Hate when you think it’s all thanks to you.

Hate when you self proclaim.

Hate when you’re sleep all day when everybody is trying to make a living.

Hate when you think everybody is your slave.

I hate you!

Yes you!

You are the core of every troubled soul in this world.

I don’t ever want you in my life! Ever! 

I’m more than happy to let you go.

Damn you laziness!!! 

Damn you! I hate you! 


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