The light of the phone radiates my face in this dark room. Headsets plugged into my ears. Closes the door to a conversation. Kinda my style lately or I should say, me being a jerk. At least this few months. 

Can’t help it. Can’t hide it no more. I’m irritated, more and more every single damn day. I kinda feel sick to my stomach that I am able to be this gloomy lady, shaping dark shadows everywhere I go, circling back to the place I was before. The place I wanted to leave like ever. 

This is not what I had in mind. My picture perfect is not perfect at all. It has flaws. And I’m okay with flaws. As long as you don’t make that on purpose. Isn’t it silly that one would ever purposely making a flaw and make others so anxious to the point of fury? Like pushing them away to the edge of patience over love. 

Come on… 

God created us in such ways for us to be able to survive. To change in our survival. Change can really helps you keep up in the game. Don’t sabotage yourself and limit your ability to do anything. Everything. 

Get up! Do something! Make a change! Survive! 

God blesses people who works on their path of life. Praying without trying is like dictating God to do what YOU want. Of course He could do anything to anyone without any prays or any tries. He is God! But He is not a father without teaching the children how to do life. Do not challenge Him for He is God. Challenge yourself to pray and try harder when you haven’t received any kind of miracles. Coz your time is coming! 

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