Recognizing Your Value

I was having a struggle. Every year, I bought new books for my kids, never thought of getting a passed on books, and never thinking of buying them outside the school (school books are more expensive). 

I was trying to give the best for my kids, not gonna let them feel embarrassed for using a passed on books. I wanted them to have a good value in front of their friends. And that is misleading. 

Now, God has introduced me to a whole new level of life and self worth. My value (and the kid’s) is not determined by how much money I have, what brand I wear, or on what people’s opinion about me. 

My value is solely determined on the fact that I am the child of God. Yes I am forced (by our financial condition) to thrift the kid’s books, asking for a passed on books from all the people I know, having a hassle trying to clean up notes written all over the books, making them as good as possible for my kids to use, went to another book store coz they give 15% off the price but I have to go there everyday to check on their availability, and almost every time I went home with no books coz it’s still unavailable. 

The kids are asking, they wanted to have the books like the rest of their friends, but I need to tell them to be patient and be grateful for what we have. Abe even offered me to buy the book from his money (got it from his uncles and aunts for his birthday), I told him no, I’m good, I just need more time and wait for the book store to stock on them. 

This verse really got me. 

I was living a life trying to impress other people, trying to make myself valuable, trying to enhance my self worth. 

Well… I don’t need to. I am created, anointed, approved, by my creator who breathed life in me. 

Think of me as you like but I don’t need to do anything to proof people my value, let alone people’s approval. 

We belong to God. We are the child of Most High God! Don’t let people discounted your value! 

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