SAHM Confession – 30/10/16

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Have you ever feel the dilemma of working or be a stay at home mom? I do. Especially when we’re in a financial crisis, which happens quite a lot in a past few years. Things happens and it doesn’t always on our liking, but I never lose hope and I have a pretty good faith in Lord.

When it happened I felt the urge of going back to work. I tried to apply here and there, asking friends or family for jobs, but inside I was like crying. I want to be with my children, I want to take care of them by myself, I want to be there when they need me, I want to be involved with their schooling. I’m not a perfect mom and sometimes I just need to get away from them, like enough for 1 day, you know…

I’ve always been a career minded girl, always been working, not letting anything stop me from reaching the top management kinda thing. Still working when I had my 1st child and my 2nd child, then I decided to quit my job when my 1st boy was in a 1st grade, about 6 years ago. It was like a thunder just zapped on my heart and brain, to dedicate myself to my children, to being a stay at home mom.

It’s exhausting! I’ve never thought that being a stay at home mom will take all of your energy and mentally challenging. I thought I was having the worst, having 4 hours traffic everyday getting to work and return home, to my already waiting children at home for me to pay attention to, checking homeworks and all. But being a stay at home mom definitely change my view. It needs dedication and love.

Yes, I was not always doing chores by my own. Sometimes I will get helpers to help me with cleaning my home, but still… Then you get all this negative comments about being a stay at home mom, getting underestimated, getting undervalued, and all of the mental issues that gets you insane. The only thing that can make you stay sane is a very understanding husband. A very loving person that not only is your husband but also your best friend, where you can pour out everything to him without being judged and get you more depressed with more accusations like you’ve not already in that state of blaming yourself for not being a good mom.

It’s not easy. Not easy at all. But if I have to choose, I choose to be a stay at home mom. Just focus on my children without worrying about anything else especially about earning money. I do have an online shopping business, but I don’t make it as a priority. It’s just something to get a little balance with my brain, so its not overwhelmed with being a stay at home mom thingy. What I love about online business is I get to earn money without leaving my kids at home with the helper or a nanny.

I find it’s very important to be with your children, especially if you’re a mom. I grew up without my mom being with me since we lived a part from each other and I didn’t grew up with a father either. My parents got divorced when I was 2 yo. And it does affect me growing up without a father figure, but it affect me more for not being able to be with my mother. So, I will make sure that my children doesn’t have to feel that they miss me, coz I’ll be with them all the way. May God blesses me with health and live long enough to play with my grandchildren.

It may not be the best way for you coz you’re a working mom at any reasons, coz every person’s situation is different. But that’s how I see myself as a mom. I don’t mind at all to work my butt off to earn some extra cash, but I choose to do it from home.

If you’re a stay at home mom and also doing something from home to earn some more income to your house, please leave a comment below and kindly share how you manage it, what kind of job you’re doing at home, and all. I’d love to get more information how to earn money from home.

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With love!

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