Surviving Summer

Finally got the kid’s​ summer chores and routines done! 

School holiday is not my favorite​ 😰 Aside from having the house cluttered with toys and dirty dishes all day, I also need to keep them bored free and that’s a real challenge with kids since they’re tired proof creatures 😨 

Might as well add their daily chores during holiday 😅

Kid’s summer schedule 😎 My kids needs schedule or they’ll be playing games non-stop 😧 Some people might think that I’m raising military children, well I have my way of raising my kids and that’s with schedule, it works for them. 

I’ve seen people with no life discipline, they’ve become less responsible and lack of empathy. With schedule, kids will learn that time is precious, they need to spend their time wisely and useful for them and society. 

My kids or maybe most of the kids, needs guidance of what they should do. When they wake up in the morning, they tend to start playing with their gadgets or watching TV or they’ll be a nagging complaining children screaming that they’re bored all summer 😣 Coz that’s what the children’s​ mindset of happiness nowadays, gadgets and online games unless we guide them (tell them what to do) 😪 

I’m raising a responsible unselfish children, pray to God 🙏 They need to understand that life isn’t going to wait for their unconscious lazy bum, thinking that life is going to adapt to their way of living, not caring about others in their circle of life. 

School holiday is definitely not my favorite, it’s theirs, but we’ll gonna make it work and have a peaceful fun holiday 😉 

What’s your stress free summer tips? Love to hear from you 😉

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