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My 11 years old boy was ‘complaining’ about his friends that are always appointing him to be a leader in class projects or if there’s any sort of class competition.

When he said that, I was in awe. Proud of my boy and kinda ashamed with myself coz I always complain about him being so busy with class projects as if he’s working alone.

I stopped for a moment before I can respond to him. I was thinking what will be the best answer for that. I don’t want to say something that I can’t even do it myself.

I let him talk for a while and I asked him some more questions about how he feels so I myself can arrange my respond 😁

Then I told him to embrace every opportunity given to him. For him to learn as much as he can. There will be times (a lot of times) that our hard works are being underrated and unappreciated, but whatever the outcome is, there will ALWAYS be something to learn from. ALWAYS.

Being a leader is not easy. It takes responsibility to accomplish the goals in producing the best result with hard works. It needs good communication skills so he can delegate the works. It takes courage and humility to accept failures. It is a big job for us adults, let alone teens.

I told him to see everything as a learning process. A journey to maturity. A road that he can’t escape. The only way to get through it is taking it step by step with great attitude that will lead him to be a success mature man.

The journey will not be a smooth silky road but it worth every bump. I need to prepare him for heartache, rejection, humiliation, disappointment, and lost. While I’m teaching him how to appreciate and embrace the joy and the luxury of being a child.

Parenting style 10 years ago was definitely different with the style right now in the millennial. Kids are more aware of their self titled and more aggressive in showing off their existence. Yet with the exposure of internet, kids are now more fragile.

Parents are now getting challenged to keep up while upgrading their patience level. One thing for sure, kids see us. They adore us. They will do what we do. We are their idol. They want to be like us. So… Be a model.

There’s no better way to teach a child other than being an example.

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