Nothing’s immortal.

Nothing’s permanent.

Everything is temporary.

We all know that very well.

What we don’t know is… When things are changing. Turn everything around​, upside down.

I once enjoying my life, my work, my friends… Then suddenly, they’re all gone.

I once living a good life, good meals, good clothes… Then suddenly, I can’t afford them. 

I once holding a baby… Then suddenly, I see them outgrow me. 

I will never know when things are changing. I sure know nothing about what’s coming. I don’t control the future. I’m vulnerable. I’m temporary. 

This brings me to start living my life surrender to God. Grateful for what I have, not dwelling on the past, and humble for whatever comes in the future. 

My happiness can turns tragedy in a second. My sadness can turns comical in a blink. My past is gone. My future is in God’s hands. My present is precious. 

Live the moment for it’s temporary. 

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Dessy Lestari

I started this blog in 2016 hoping to share my passion to inspire and motivate others.

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